Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola, who previously teamed on Moonrise Kingdom, have lent their stylized, quirky, whimsical (the list goes on and on) talents to Prada for a series of ads promoting Prada's latest fragrance, Candy.

The three-part series stars Léa Seydoux (the antique-dealing dream girl of Owen Wilson in Midnight in Paris) and is so incredibly hipster that you might as well make a game out of it:

  • Retro fashion, modern setting
  • Bangs, bangs, blunt bangs, bangs galore
  • French language with English subtitles (despite the director being English and the fashion house being Italian)
  • Free-spirited dancing to a record player (we assume it's a record player. It's gotta be a record player, right?)
  • Love of Jules et Jim
  • Love of classic lit
  • Love of modern love (triads!)


(P.S. We'd totally see this feature film. Get on it, Anderson.)

Bonus: If that wasn't hipster enough for you, see how long you can endure this exhaustingly intricate supercut of every stammer from every Woody Allen film ever (via HuffPost):

We made it, uh, just over, uh, two—uh—two minutes in (Bananas). How long can you last?

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