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Isn't Justin Bieber risking getting kicked out of his gated neighborhood because of alleged bad behavior? They have homeowner's associations for that stuff, right?
—Brixton, via Twitter

You're asking if Bieber could get voted out of his double-gated bubble of fabulousness, just because someone has accused him of spitting and threats, and others reportedly have complained about speedy driving?

Here's what I can tell you: Bieber's community does have a homeowner's association. And they are powerful folk.

But they can't kick a person out. This is a gated community, sweetie, not Survivor.

That said, Bieber does have authorities he should watch out for: If he is causing problems in his neighborhood—and, remember, it's not certain that he is—then his troubles won't come from an HOA. No, they'll come from a more serious place: The cops.

"The homeowner's association isn't going to get into someone's business regarding an alleged confrontation," says Marc Garbell, a real estate agent who both lives and sells homes in Bieber's community. "But what they will do is contact the sheriff. And then the sheriff's office will be in the neighborhood, operating more frequently in areas where there might be trouble, such as speeding, and they will pull you over and you'll get a ticket.

"I was just pulled over there the other day."

(For the record, Garbell adds that he's never seen Bieber driving recklessly, though, he says, neighbors have complained about loud parties coming from his direction.)

The homeowner's association does have some power over Bieber. If he ever stops taking care of his trees, for example, he'll get dinged.

"I have a client who's being fined every month, $1,500 a month, because they didn't get their landscaping approved by the homeowners, and the trees are in the wrong places. Another couple, they haven't put in landscaping at all, and they are being fined every month."

Let's hope that Bieber has good gardeners, at least.

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