Gif Madness Bracket 3-27

Yesterday's scores are in, and FAST HIGH FIVES is advancing to the next round where it will face HOCKEY MIRACLE. Are your brackets busted yet? Or do you have no idea what we're talking about, but like the way your mind wanders when you read our posts and you start thinking about jellyfish and get slightly aroused? 

Today is the final exciting day of Round 1 and we're finishing it off with 4 teams who need no introduction - Reality Stars. Well, Reality Stars and Lindsay Lohan, but she'll probably be cashing a check for Celebrity Organ Harvesting by the time this post is live so we'll throw her in too.

Our first match-up features two heavy hitters: HONEY BOO BOO vs. THE BACHELOR

Reality Gif - Honey Boo Boo


Reality Gif - Bachelor



Round 2 features a couple of wild cards, and it's anybody's game: RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE vs. LINDSAY LOHAN ON COURT TV

Reality Gif - RuPaul


Reality Gif - Linds Stealing


Vote now for the winners - and remember, it doesn't have to be a popularity contest! Vote for the GIF that best embodies the spirit of GIF Madness, inspires you to greatness, or at least makes you stop thinking about jellyfish oh f*ck it nevermind, it's a popularity contest. 

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