HRC Red Logo, Marriage Equality

What's blue and white and red all over?


Celebrities have joined marriage equality supporters by posting red versions of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) logo on their Facebook pages. The HRC is Washington's leading gay rights advocacy group.

We already told you about Beyoncé's Facebook messages, but other straight allies going red on Facebook include Padma Lakshmi, Kate Walsh, Felicity Huffman and Jessica Seinfeld.

Kim Kardashian posted, "Equality for all. It's that simple. #prop8"

Of course, many openly gay celebs including Ellen DeGeneres, Lance Bass and George Takei have gone red, too. "Today I'm thinking of the Supreme Court," DeGeneres wrote on her Facebook page. "I hope they remember what makes our country great, and support equality for all."

While Madonna didn't use HRC's logo, she did post a handwritten note on lined paper that reads, "Marriage Equality! Let's Start a Revolution."

The Supreme Court heard arguments yesterday about California's ban on same-sex marriage Prop 8. Today, they are doing the same on the Defense of Marriage Act, which limits the federal government in only recognizing marriages between a man and woman.

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