John Mayer Got Lots of Botox?! Find Out the Surprising Reason Why

Singer's throat condition was not treated by surgery alone

By Rebecca Macatee Mar 27, 2013 5:45 PMTags

John Mayer got Botox?

Yes, yes, he did. But fret not! Katy Perry's ex didn't get stabbed with a needle for vanity's sake—he did it to save his voice.

As part of the healing process for the throat condition that forced him to take 10 months off, Dr. Steven Zeitels (the Boston-based laryngeal expert who famously treated Adele) used a combination of surgery and Botox, per Billboard Magazine. Dr. Zeitels injected the drug in order to paralyze John's vocal cords and allow them to heal. Unfortunately, though, it wasn't that simple a fix.

"I thought I'd just take a pill and it would go away, but the problem got worse and worse, and grew and grew," John said.

John and Dr. Zeitels then made a visit to otolaryngology specialist Dr. Gerald Berke at the UCLA Voice Center for Medicine and the Arts, who suggested significantly increasing the Botox administered to the singer.

Before their split, John said his relationship with Katy Perry felt very "human"

"Dr. Berke said, 'I think I can do this without surgery. In Boston, you were given one unit of Botox. I'm going to give you 17 units to really shut down your vocal cords and let them heal. I'm going to do it now—I'll go right through into his neck,'" Dr. Zeitels recalled. "I asked him to leave the room and give us a minute. John and I looked at each other, and we both agreed we had nothing to lose."

After going through with the increased dosage, John couldn't speak at all. But after having had his vocal cords paralyzed for several weeks, his throat condition vastly improved.

And eventually, thank goodness, John got back the gift of his voice.