Tom Cruise

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Tom Cruise is a man of manners. 

The actor has been in Argentina promoting his new movie Oblivion in Argentina and, in between appearances, Cruise made sure to sample the local cuisine—and he was apparently a very welcome patron.

"I was sent to prepare the menu especially for Mr. Tom Cruise," Ken Shiizu, chef of M Buenos Aires restaurant, told E! News.

"He was a very kind person who thanked all the time, did not drink any alcohol while in the menu we offered a variety of drinks," he continued. "The reception was for 35 guests, including actresses accompanying two in the tour."

Shiizu wasn't able to identify the ladies mentioned, but we're going to bet that one of them was Cruise costar Olga Kurylenko.

The executive chef also added that Cruise said he was delighted with the food, and the only dish he was asking for off the menu was strip steak.

Is anyone else suddenly hungry?

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