The 10 Best Pieces of Lord Disick Fan Art

The Internet has paid homage to the lord

By Andy Neuenschwander Mar 26, 2013 10:43 PMTags

We all know that the right honorable Lord Disick has many admirers (after all, he has almost 3 million Twitter followers). In fact, some of them are so inspired by his lordliness that they were compelled to make these pieces of fan art.


This one exemplifies the Lifestyle of the Lord pretty well:


LD wouldn't wear this piece of jewelry, but that shouldn't stop you:


Like any man worth his weight in Internet gold, Lord Disick has his own minimalist poster:


And the lord said, "Let there be Photoshop":


This one needs to happen in real life:


This wouldn't be a bad idea either, for a bigger bill:


Cool design? Check. Killer suit? Double check.


We're not sure what's going on here, but we love it:


Story of anyone's life:


And finally, the one that the lord himself chose as his Twitter profile picture: