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Wolverine is finally ready for his close-up.

The Marvel superhero's real-life alter ego, Hugh Jackman, helped roll out a new 20-second preview on MTV today, in the wake of director James Mangold yesterday dropping an ultra-short Vine teaser of the highly anticipated sequel on Twitter.

And both give us our first glimpse of Wolverine in action on his latest adventure—this time set in Japan.

The "tweaser," as Mangold called it, is a six-second blink-and-you-miss-it loop that shows our razor-clawed hero kicking butt against what appears to be a sword-wielding samurai; hurtling away from what we discern as a massive explosion or a fireball as powerful as the sun; and perhaps most intriguingly about to kiss Dr. Jean Grey, who as anybody who saw X-Men: United will remind you is not only the object of Logan's affection but also morphed at the end of that film into the Marvel villain Phoenix.

Famke Janssen reprises her role as Jean in this clip, though it's unclear whether it's a flashback to the previous installment or a shot from Wolverine.

As for the trailer Jackman unveiled on the cable network, it's 14 seconds longer and features more Wolverine fight sequences as well as a tough-as-nails female Japanese warrior taking out some baddies.

But the biggest revelation comes at the end when Logan tells a mysterious man, "What they did to me, what I am, can't be undone"—referring of course to his transformation into the Adamantium-infused mutant and the feeling that he can never be normal again.

However, the stranger thinks otherwise.

"Don't be so sure," the man says.

Fans will have to wait to learn more when the full two-minute trailer hits the Web tomorrow. The Wolverine meanwhile is scheduled to hit theaters on July 26.

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