James Franco, Ashley Benson, WhoSay


Ashley Benson and James Franco are at it again.

The Spring Breakers costars have made another music video together, this one featuring the pair lip-syncing to "Love You Like a Love Song " by fellow Spring Breaker Selena Gomez.

"Here's a song from one of my favorite young singers, my costar, young Selena Gomez," Franco, wearing a pink ski mask and with a slight twang in his voice, introduces the video (while really doubling down on the young stuff).

As was the case when they filmed themselves mouthing the words to Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend," Franco and Benson are still fans of mood lighting and tight close-ups.

And, interestingly, while Franco spends part of the video in shades and a blond ladies' wig, he also revives the Bieber look of baseball cap and hoodie he wore for "Boyfriend."

Here's hoping Selena thinks it's a hoot—and isn't more creeped out by Franco than she already is.

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