Dallas Roberts, Laurie Holden, The Walking Dead

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We cannot wait for the season finale of the Walking Dead on Sunday.

We can only imagine just how nuts it's going to get between Rick and the Governor.

"It's going to be chaos," says Dallas Roberts, who plays the Governor's nerdy confidante Milton.

And that's all he's going to say about that because, well, who wants to be turned into a walker for spilling show secrets?

I caught up with Roberts earlier today to talk Milton's fate, Merle's death and more.


How has Milton lasted this long?
He sticks really close to the alpha dog. He makes himself as useful as possible.

Yeah, but I think maybe it should be Milton who kills The Governor.

You're just going to laugh and not say anything, aren't you?

Don't you ever want to get down and dirty with everyone else? Everyone's running around with guns and stabbing walkers, and you're just sort of sitting quietly in the back taking your notes.
To be honest, when they said, "Will you please come join us for the Walking Dead?" I expected to be running around in the woods. But it turned out that Milton wasn't that type of guy, so I embraced that. He's got his little niche, which is fun when you know he sort of stands out in that way and is allowed to remain more mysterious for longer.

And that's why I think he'd be good to kill The Governor. But you're just going to laugh and not say anything.

I do think it's time the Governor should be killed already. I think Rick should have killed him during their little meeting.
Yeah, but then what would we have done with the rest of the season, you know?

Were you sad to see Merle go?
I was. This is how close they keep their information to the vest. Milton didn't appear in episode 315, which was yesterday, so Dallas the actor never got the script. So when I showed up to shoot episode 316, I went in the makeup trailer and saw a picture of Merle as a walker. That's how I found out. That's how closely guarded all of those secrets are.

Do you secretly wish you could become a walker just to get the makeup?
Yeah, it would be fun. You see people who do it, and it looks amazing. But then you know I ask them how long did that take and they're like, "Two and a half hours." That's the part that I'm not sure I would be happy about.

You just signed to be a regular on Unforgettable on CBS. I know you can work on more than one show at a time, but is this a sign that Milton may not make it in the season finale?
That's the beauty of television. I don't think AMC has officially announced there will be a season four, but there is language in the contracts that allow for me to work on both—should there be a fourth season.

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