Jenni Rivera, Lupillo Rivera

AP Photo/Lynne Sladky, Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Jenni Rivera is still around to support those she loves most—at least that's what her brother seems to be experiencing.

Mexican singer Lupillo Rivera, Jenni's younger brother, says he feels his late sister's presence when he's performing on stage.

"I feel her. I've felt a heaviness on my shoulder, I've felt shadows around the stage," Rivera told E! News at the NASCAR Autoclub 400 event earlier today in Fontana.  And while some may be uneasy with an extra presence, Lupillo embraces it.

"It feels good. I like that," he said.

He explains that the family has healed some since the plane crash in December, but the empty spot still remains.

"It's never going to be a complete healing. The pain and suffering will always be there. It's my sister, somebody that's not here with us anymore. There will always be an empty spot," Lupillo said, but his family takes solace in believing she's in a better place. "Being as we believe in God and we know she's in a better place—that's our satisfaction."

Lupillo, who was glad NASCAR asked him to appear, performed at the FanZone stage at the Autoclub 400 today.

"I was surprised that there were so many Latin people out here! I consider it an honor NASCAR asked me to be here and perform for the Latin people," Lupillo said.

Rivera believes NASCAR is a great sport for Latinos to enjoy, telling us, "I tell the Latin people, it's a family event, it's fun. You get here early, do a little barbeque, fire up your chorizo and eggs in the morning!"

As for his performances and sister, he plans to keep on his path.

"I hope the fans enjoy the shows I'm doing. And I hope they keep on supporting her image, her music, her personality," Lupillo said, "That's all I ask for."

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