Spring Breakers: 6 Reasons the Booty-Shaking Romp Has Us Saying "Spring Break Forever!"

Britney Spears covers, a funky James Franco and teen stars going dark make this flick lots of fun

By Peter Paras Mar 24, 2013 12:05 AMTags
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One of the most talked about films to hit SXSW, Spring Breakers opens in wide release this weekend. Extremely bored Candy, Faith, Brit, and Cotty have St. Petersburg, Fla., in their sites for spring break, but they lack moola. Just how far will these coeds go for ultimate university time-off? Far. The pretty little liars pack plenty of heat to get to those bong hits. The job market's bad now anyway, so better to keep rocking on someone else's dime, right? The film seduces with saturated colors, swirly pop-editing, hypnotic Skrillex jams and the excuse to see if any actress will ever wear pants. (Nope!)

In a masterstroke of casting, two former Disney teens: Selena Gomez (The Wizards of Waverly Place) and Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical) signed on to stay bikini clad throughout. Pretty Little Liars' Ashley Benson and filmmaker Harmony Korine's real life wife Rachel Korine complete the bad girls gone wild quartet. Will you be shocked by all the sex, drugs and bullets? Maybe, but at a quick 90 minutes, you'll never ever be bored. By the bullet-riddled finale, you might even wanna take this trip again. Spring break, spring break 4eva y'all!


1. The Mouse House Has a Sorority: Gomez fans can sigh relief that her character, bible student Faith doesn't get quite as risqué as the other three. Fans of Ashley and Vanessa? As the psychotic duo revel in shaming pedestrians with the most abusive language ever (and, at first, water guns) they successfully shed their squeaky-clean personas as Brit and Candy. Only Rachel who plays Cotty, is seen in any explicit nude scenes.


2. James Franco, Amazing Baller: Although he makes a late entrance in the film, James Franco's portrayal of an Artful Dodger-type charmer is the most ludicrously entertaining part of the whole Breakers experience. Mind you, by now we've been overdosing on endless party benders where every room is drenched in beer. (And the gals have already been arrested!) Proclaiming he's from out of this world, cornrowed "Alien" sleeps on a bed overflowing with cash, stockpiling his semi-automatics as Scarface plays on infinite repeat. Franco never lets a line of dialogue ever sound ordinary. We literally have no idea what is coming (or going) from that metal-grilled grin of his.

3. Filmmakers Understand We Can Take a Little a Little Squirming: When writer-director Harmony Korine was 19, he wrote Kids, one of the most controversial films about teens, drugs and sex ever. Since then he's made a name for himself as a provocateur or in some circles, exploiter generator. Either way you've been warned: Korine can't get enough slo-mos of topless coeds. For most of film's length, he avoids any recognizable moral compass.


4. Brit-Brit Is Breakers' MVP: Early on, we see the gals doing a wasted version of Britney Spears' "...Baby One More Time" which makes for lots of bad karaoke fun. Even better is a scene with Alien sitting at his poolside piano playing "Everytime". Strapped with AKs and wearing pink ski masks, Candy and Brit sing along. At first, you'll laugh but the moment morphs into the closest the film has towards sincerity. Nothing like a pop princess to bring out the inner diva of the gangsta of "St. Pete." Like the score he composed for Drive, Cliff Martinez keeps us in an electronic palm tree breezy trance.


5. Video Games: The level of violence steers away from getting too bloody, but when Brit talks about acting like a video game or a movie she isn't kidding. How did they become so good at all this chaos? For all their hard work leveling up they eventually acquire an orange Lamborghini. Sweet ride: unlocked.


6. Seriously, We Wish You Were Here: Can't wait for the inevitable sequel where the gals return older, wiser and less drugged-out only to find their spawn have moved on to even more mayhem. That we wanna see! Spring break, spring break 4eva y'all!

Gonna hit theaters to see Selena and company party?! Or just stay home and tune to the Disney channel for The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex? Sound off in the comments!

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