Amanda Bynes, Drake

AKM-GSI; David Livingston/Getty Images

Amanda Bynes wants Drake to…

Take a trip down south. Pay a visit to ladyland. Or, OK, "murder [her] vagina."

Sure, as a standalone tweet, A.B.'s lusty, public confession seems a little laughable. But when you really look at it, she and the Canadian rapper formerly known as Aubrey Drake Graham (!) would actually make an awesome couple.

For real! Here are five reasons why.

1. Homegirl's Direct: Wink-face texts? Vague song lyrics? Smiling subtly from across the way? Ain't nobody got time for that! Drake—and every guy, really—should appreciate a lady who comes right out and says what she wants. And it's not like Amanda's proposing marriage or babies or anything to imply she's a stage-five clinger. She's just putting her sexual fantasy right out on the Twitter.

2. Fashion Power Couple: If you want to look like Drake (or just get a pretty cute owl hoodie), you're in luck! October's Very Own (OVO) is the rapper's official clothing line. And Amanda, who collaborated with Steve & Barry's on her Dear clothing line from 2007 to 2009, hasn't lost her desire to design. In fact, she moved from L.A. to NYC this past September to launch her fashion career. Swag!

Degrassi, Drake, Amanda Bynes

Courtesy of Nickelodeon

3. Child Stars Unite: Drizzy can hang with Lil Wayne and get into all the (alleged) nightclub brawls he wants, but he'll always be Jimmy Brooks! Yes, before Drake hit it big in the rap game he was Spinner Mason's lovable, wheelchair-bound best friend on DeGrassi: The Next Generation. Of course, Amanda rose to superstardom as a cast member on Nickelodeon's All That, then graduated to her own sketch show, The Amanda Show. She went on to star in What I Like About You, She's the Man and Sydney White, among other future classics. All in all, there aren't that many people who can relate to going through puberty on national TV.

4. Alcohol and City Lights: Not to encourage drinking or partying, but when done in moderation, these seem to be two activities both Drake and Amanda enjoy. And in December, Amanda was spotted in NYC's SL club all by her lonesome. Why not have Drake tag along next time?

5. Just Ask Ashley, Amanda's Hilarious: Yes, her TMI tweets get some giggles, but this girl's got some serious comic shops! Who doesn't remember Ask Ashley, Captain Tantrum or Judge Trudy and the dancing lobsters? (If you don't, you need to seriously reevaluate your childhood.) Point is, from All That and The Amanda Show right up until Easy A in 2010, Amanda's always been funny. And, OK, she might have "retired" from acting, but she's still got that awesome sense of humor. And unless Drake is the odd bird who hates to laugh, he'd probably enjoy spending some time with her.

So, YOLO! Make a move, Drake.

See how Amanda's looks measure up to Lindsay Lohan's!

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