Is it just us, or does this seemingly happy-go-lucky promo seem kind of like a threat?

ABC has released a Happy Endings video to promote the comedy's move to Friday nights, and any promotion for this severely underrated show is appreciated. But when the promo tells fans that they can "save Happy Endings" by watching the show on Friday nights, it left us with a bad taste in our mouth.

That message sounds almost like a threat, doesn't it? As in: "You'd better watch the show we kept shuffling around the schedule or we are canceling it!" Granted, you could view the "Save Happy Endings" message as support from the network. But to fans like us, the reason viewers have to "save" it in the first place is because ABC hasn't given the show the promotion it deserved or the attention it rightfully earned after consistently delivering top-notch comedy with every episode. And to place the fate of the show solely on fans' shoulders is not giving us much confidence. ABC president Paul Lee has declared in the past how much he loves Happy Endings. Well, he also has the power to save Happy Endings. Should fans make him a video in response to this one?

This serves as our own promotion to watch Happy Endings on Friday nights, starting March 29. Watch the video below and do what is says: Save the show! 

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