Ellen DeGeneres

Courtesy of Facebook

The emergency influx of medical supplies must have worked, because Ellen DeGeneres has flown her sickbed.

All the way to Australia, in fact!

"G'day Sydney!" read a post on The Ellen DeGeneres Show's Facebook page Thursday afternoon alongside a pic of her and wife Portia De Rossi at the airport, a small entourage of security and assistants in tow.

DeGeneres also managed to tweet, "I made it to Australia," entirely upside down.

She had tweeted that she was "down but not out" last Friday, and then the Ellen host's rep confirmed to E! News yesterday that her planned trip Down Under was delayed due to a case of the flu. A pharmacy delivery person was also spotted pulling up to her Beverly Hills home.

It's unclear whether DeGeneres beat the prognosis or the trip was delayed until Wednesday night, but that's when she and de Rossi ultimately took off. They'll also be visiting Melbourne while abroad.

"Watching a documentary on Australia to get ready for my trip," DeGeneres had tweeted yesterday. "Okay, I'm watching 'Crocodile Dundee,' but I'm learning so much."

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