The Wanted

Courtesy: Denise Truscello/WireImage

The Wanted has only been living in Los Angeles for a couple of weeks, but they're already feeling right at home.

Especially Max George.

Not only was he the first to bring home a young lady, but his bandmates were actually woken up by the sounds coming from his bedroom.

"They said there was a bit of noise," George says. "What can I say? I'm a good shag."

The Wanted has jumped the pond to the U.S. to work on their new album and to film The Wanted Life, their new reality series for E! launching in June.

And guess what's happening on Monday? E! News and E! Online will have the world premiere of the new video for their hit single "All Time Low." "I actually had a bit of a tear in my eye," George says after watching the video, which features a montage of concert footage. "That was a lot of memories for us."

The boys have moved into an L.A.-area mansion that includes a pool, ping-pong and pool tables, football soccer nets and a huge garden.

"It's beautiful," Jay McGuiness says. "To walk in, the scale is just huge!"

Speaking of size, the boys have also noticed quite a, um, big difference between American and British women. "You've got a lot of fake t-ts here," Tom Parker says.

Not that English gals are immune to plastic surgery. "It's more surprising when you see them in the U.K.," Nathan Sykes says. "Out here, you kind of just go, 'Oh, look.'"

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