Matthew McConaughey Defends Lance Armstrong: "He Told a Lie, He's Not a Liar"

Actor says he's happy for his longtime pal now in the April issue of Details

By Natalie Finn Mar 21, 2013 10:04 PMTags

Matthew McConaughey didn't immediately forgive Lance Armstrong his trespasses when the champion cyclist came clean about being dirty.

But in time the self-proclaimed selfish family man gave his longtime pal a break.

'He told a lie, he's not a liar," Details' April cover boy muses in an interview with the magazine.

"When [the news] came out, I took it personally, but then I realized it ain't personal to him," the actor says. "I was going, ‘That son of a bitch!' But then I thought, ‘Well, what was he supposed to do? Call me to the side and go, 'Hey, I did this?' But I'm happy for him now, because despite all this outside conflict, he doesn't have this inner conflict anymore."

McConaughy may be down from his fightin' weight, but he remains as introspective as ever.

He even admits that he's become more selfish now that he has a wife and three children to go along with his A-list career.

"I remember feeling not sure about what I wanted to do and feeling—I'm not sure despondent is the right word, but a feeling like things are plateauing," says the star of the upcoming Mud and Dallas Buyers Club.

"I wanted more evolution. I want to feel ascension in the grade. Because I was feeling a lot of ascension in my personal life, qualitative evolution. I wanted to close the gap between who I am and the life I'm living and my work life. So I think I got really selfish. You start a family and you get selfish."

Lucky for him, wife Camila Alves sounds about as understanding as it gets.

"I've got a wife who challenges me," he tells the magazine. "There were two movies I wanted to do last year, but they were back-to-back with no separation. She was like, ‘You want to do it—buck up, grab your nuts and make it happen. We'll be there with you.'"

"We" being herself and their three kids, 4-year-old Levi, 3-year-old Vida and nearly 4-month-old Livingston.

Of balancing his packed schedule with his other role as husband and dad, McConaughey says: "Papa goes to work, the circus goes with him."