And we thought being pregnant was easier the second time around.

As Busy Philipps prepares for the birth of another child with screenwriter husband Marc Silverstein, the Cougar Town star admits her second pregnancy is no walk in the park.

"This one hasn't been so relaxing," the 33-year-old said at Hollygrove's Norma Jean Gala to Help Kids in Hollywood Wednesday night. "It's harder and easier. It's going faster because I have my kid and work and all kinds of things."

After the birth of her baby girl, Birdie Silverstein, 4, Phillips complicated things by deciding not to keep any of her baby gear.

"I gave everything away from my last pregnancy," the actress said. "Everything from my maternity clothes, to the crib, the changing table—all gone. So I have to start over."  

Instead of following her first pregnancy rituals, which included lots of sleeping and prenatal yoga, Phillips is now shopping away, being a mother and working on a new storyline featured in Cougar Town.

"If people are watching, my boobs grew two sizes," Philipps joked. "You can look for us hiding my pregnancy for the rest of the season, so that's a fun drinking game."

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