We all want to look great in a bikini this summer, and in Hollywood, it seems that it's always bikini season!

Did you know that shifting your attitude about your body is one of the best ways to start? 

Try these four mind-body makeover tips:

1. Love Your Body As Is. That's right. It may not look like Rihanna's just yet, but the best tool you have for changing your body starts by changing your mind. Write a list of your assets. Include something that you see as a problem area, and see if you can spin it positively. If you are used to being critical of your bottom half, try saying, "I am curvy and feminine."

2. Move Your Body 30 to 60 Minutes Daily. Yes. Daily. If you aim for seven days a week, you are likely to hit five, and that's just perfect. It doesn't matter what you choose: cardio, dance, yoga, treadmill, etc.  In Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover, you get a new selection each day. Mix it up and torch those calories. Sometimes we must act our way into correct thinking.

3. Sit Still. Meditation is simple mindful breathing, which can calm the nervous system, release cortisol and bring more awareness to all that you do. Allowing your body to rest is just as important and being active. Studies show that sleep is essential to your health and weight loss. Meditation will allow you to calm down and gain mastery over your mind. 

4. Get Support. Online classes, your local studio, or a buddy can help you to stay motivated. Sometimes we need to hear encouragement from others. My body fell into place naturally when I started teaching. Sharing my own journey actually reinforced my own positive self-talk while encouraging others.

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