KKTM 510

Is Kim Kardashian giving Kanye West a bad fashion name?

On this week's episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, Kim agonized over her fashion choices and worried that she might be making Kanye look bad because of the way she dresses!

But Kim wasn't the only one with worries: Kourtney Kardashian fretted about her weight before a bikini shoot, and Scott Disick ended up with some PTSD after a run-in with an alligator.


Balance That Checkbook, Kids: When Kim lands on the "worst dressed" list, she frets not only about her fashion reputation, but Kanye's as well. Now that she and Kanye are together, people assume that when she's dressed poorly, it was Kanye's decision! Kim goes on a shopping spree to try to get back on the "best dressed" side of the blogosphere, but in doing so puts herself in jeopardy of not being able to afford her dream home.

The worst part of it all? Kim has to admit that Kourtney was right all along about keeping her spending in check!

The Spray Is Okay: Luckily for Kim, Kourtney had to eat her words this week as well. Kourt was fretting about an upcoming bikini shoot, thinking that she hadn't lost enough of the baby weight to look good. "My stomach is flabby," she whines.

Kim suggests a good spray tan as a way to look a little slimmer on the day, but Kourtney is concerned about the chemicals. After all, this is a girl who refused to wear deodorant! But with a referral to an organic spray tan place, Kourtney is ready for her close-up.

When in Florida, Do As the Floridians Do: Scott has taken up some dangerous hobbies in Miami this year, such as auto racing. This week, he decides to try some legal gator hunting with the family of Vienna Girardi (yes, of The Bachelor!). The hunt goes well and Scott bags an alligator—and even skins and eats it—but the event doesn't sit well with him later. He starts having nightmares about animals chasing him, and a later visit to a gator zoo brings up a lot of guilt. "You can't go around shooting animals because you want shoes that day," admits Scott. Guess someone learned his lesson about responsible hunting!


"You guys are too superficial a couple"—Kourtney

"It looks like an old man in the car!"—Scott

"So it's an amphibious chicken?"—Scott

"Shopping online is like the greatest invention of life"—Kim

"The problems, the problems"—Kourtney

"This is normal for these people. The local skinner. That's a real thing"—Scott

"If my girlfriend knew how to skin me, I'd be sleeping with a sawed-off shotgun"—Scott

"I know I was a little judgy-wudgy about getting a spray tan"—Kourtney

Tune in next Sunday at 9/8c for another new episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, only on E!

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