Angie Miller, American Idol

Michael Becker / FOX

During tonight's American Idol top nine performance show, viewers were given a clearer picture of each aspiring Idol's humble background. But backstage, after the last Beatles song had been sung, it became clear that the contestants' futures were looking decidedly more glamorous, thanks to some high-profile fans.

Kree Harrison, who wowed the judges with her rendition of "With A Little Help From My Friends," was still in shock that the original American Idol had given her a social media shout-out. "Kelly Clarkson tweeted me!" she exclaimed. "She said that she heard my [performance of] 'Cryin'' on iTunes and that I killed it and she can't wait to buy my record. That's pretty insane!"

Likewise, Candice Glover, who turned in a killer "Come Together," was excited to discover that a rapper named Drakewas now following her on Twitter. "He didn't Tweet me or anything, but his following me is like, 'Hey, I see you!'" she said.

How did she find out about her A-list follower? "Me and my cousin Lindsay were together and I got all these tweets [from people saying], Drake is following you!'" Candice dished. "And I was like, what?! Oh my god, shut up! I was like, 'Lindsay, look at this!' And then we did cartwheels, backflips, everything you can think of. We were jumping off the bed! It was a big celebration!"
And, for the record, she's a fan of Drake's, too: "Not only is he cute and everything," Glover said, "but I love that he's an artist and he doesn't rap about what a typical rapper raps about. Like, he talks about love and loving a girl. Some guys are too hard-core to do that, but I love that he's not afraid to be personal."
It's all enough to go to a girl's head, but Angie Miller—who, like Harrison and Glover, landed in last week's top three—is determined to stay grounded. Pointing to a tattoo on one arm that says "Remember," she said, "I actually got this like a month ago before all the Idol craziness happened. It's a reminder to stay true to who I am and not change."
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