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You know nothing, spoiler-seekers!

Well, nothing about the highly anticipated Game of Thrones season three premiere, that is. And that's all about to change with today's Spoiler Chat, which features some scoop on one of the HBO hit's fan favorites, as well as a Grey's Anatomy finale tease and what's ahead on The Following after the show's biggest death yet. Plus, we've also got spoilers on The Office, Parks and Recreation, Rizzoli & Isles and more...

Franny: I adore The Carrie Diaries! What's coming up for my favorite fashionista?!
A run-in with a legend: Andy Warhol! Carrie puts herself in a difficult sitch when she pretends to be Larissa in order to run an errand for the famous artist. And by difficult sitch we mean Carrie ends up in a full-blown cat fight. Meow!

CourtzLobster: PLEASE Game of Thrones scoop PLEASE
Of fan favorite Jon Snow's arc in season three, Kit Harington says his character is "a spy" who finds himself questioning "where his heart really belongs." And look for the world's most famous bastard to "respect" the Wildings' leader Mance Rayder, which in turn makes him question everything he's ever heard about the Wildings. Is it March 31 yet?  

Melanie R.: Grey's scoop, if you would be so kind.
Abracadabra, your scoop appears! In episode 22, one of the doctors will have to deal with a situation involving a magician, his two assistants and a trick gone horribly, horribly wrong. The trick involved a giant propeller, let's just leave it at that. And there's a twist involving this magic trio that we obviously can't reveal here. That's not fair, you say? Alakazam! **Disappears in a cloud of smoke**

Tanner: Glad to see that The Office series finale will be an hour long. Can I bug you for just the tiniest bit of spoilers from the episode?
We will say that the last scene everyone filmed was indeed a group shot. Whether or not that's the scene they put at the end of the episode remains to be seen, but everyone will be together at some point during the episode. And executive producer Ben Silverman called the episode both "moving" and "hilarious," as well as one of the best episodes they've ever done. Sob! We're not worthy! Or ready!

THE FOLLOWING, Nico Tortorella, Adan Canto, Valorie Curry


John B.: I can't believe The Following killed off Paul! I am devastated. Any scoop to console me?
You think you're bummed over Paul's death? We slept without pillows after watching the episode because we were so mad at them for playing a part in his death! But we will see Adan Canto again on the show as we'll see Paul interact with Joe in flashbacks. Hey, we'll take what we can get, we suppose!

Matthew: I really hope Beauty and the Beast gets renewed for a second season! Got any scoop for us Beasties?!
Things will get (even more) complicated for Catherine at work thanks to her feelings for Vincent and her desire to protect him, something Gabe is picking up on. Bonus: Come back a little later for an exclusive sneak peek at tomorrow night's episode!

Sophie:  So who was the pregnancy blind item for? It must have been on a show I don't watch! But I want to know who it was since you have been teasing it for so long and it was supposed to air last week?
You didn't happen to catch Parks and Rec last week, did you? Ann Perkins was the subject of our pregnancy blind item, which was revealed when she decided to have a baby with Chris! What, just because she isn't officially with child doesn't mean they can't be expecting! See what we did there? A blind item twist. Boom. Anyways, Ann and Chris will soon have to start preparing for said child, which means getting to know each other's parenting skills. Trust us, it'll be awesome, awkward and hilarious. 

Celia: I've been voting all week for Rizzoli and Isles in the fantasy couples tourney! I'm so glad they are in the final four, but can we get some scoop on my favorite ladies, please?
Keep on voting until the deadline, which is tonight at 9 p.m. PT. As for scoop, if you ever wondered what it would be like if Maura and Jane switched places, then an upcoming Rizzoli & Isles season four episode is for you. When a suspect with information decides that Jane is not a "nice lady," Maura is the only one he trusts and thus, she will be the one interrogating him. Jane doesn't let Maura just waltz in there unprepared, of course. That's where the fun starts.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins and Tierney Bricker

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