Gerard Butler

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Ask Gerard Butler anything, and you'll get an honest response from the handsome Scottish actor. 

The 43-year-old Olympus Has Fallen star opened up to fans in an AMA on Reddit Monday, where he shared his thoughts on Will Ferrell, his favorite sandwich (you'll never guess!), doing his own stunts and, of course, staying in shape.

"I always do all my own stunts unless I am physically stopped by the insurance company," the action star admitted. "In this movie [Olympus Has Fallen], I did all my own stunts except for one and I picked up a lot of injuries along the way." 

And the thrill-seeking star wasn't exaggerating:

"I was hit the eye by a bullet casing—it felt like I'd been punched in the face," he continued. "I was hit by flying debris from explosions, my arm turned black from the wrist to the elbow and swelled right up, I lost a fingernail, I had a bruise the size of a melon on the back of my thigh. The fighting in this movie is very dynamic but brutal, which is what I wanted to do."

But when Gerard's not kicking butt on the big screen, the actor admits it's "hard for [him] to relax," so he uses travel as a way to escape life's everyday demands. 

"I love to take trips that involve participation of the soul, where the people that you meet and the things you participate in touch you," he explained. "So for instance, camping on top of a glacier in Iceland, setting up a tent at 1 o' clock in the morning, listening to Sigur Ros while the Northern Lights dance over your head—that beats anything that I could ever do as a performer. These are moments that you take to the grave and beyond." 

And of course, his love of adventure helps the star stay in A-list shape: 

"You know, I just try to do some general cardio, biking, hiking, running," he said of his fitness regimen. "Try to keep it interesting, or surfing or soccer, something that makes it more interesting than just going to the gym."

So, what's he snacking on when he's not training for a role? 

"You probably don't know Branston Pickle," Butler said of his favorite sandwich. "It hails from Yorkshire in England. And I love to put that on a heated tuna sandwich with melted cheese."

Sounds pretty tasty! And Butler finally ends the candid Q&A with a few last thoughts on pal Will Ferrell

"To touch on Will Ferrell, by the way, I just want to say—he was a dark horse at the soccer aid game. I played a game of Five Asides soccer with him a couple of weeks before the game in the Hollywood Hills, and he was really good. Really tough, really tenacious, and I thought he played fantastically well and he really surprised everybody. Edward Norton, however, was another story."

Gerard Butler is a real-life celebrity hero just like these stars!

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