Dancing with the Stars Cast

Rick Rowell/ABC

You guys want to see stars dancing, just not All-Stars dancing.

Last night's season premiere of Dancing With the Stars drew 16.8 million viewers, which is an increase from last season's premiere, which was the debut of Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars. Guess ABC president Paul Lee was correct in canning that version.

However, season 16's premiere episode was down from season 14's opener, which had 18.8 million people tuning in. Viewer fatigue? Or is it all based on star power? Here is how last night's episode ranks against recent DWTS season premieres:

  1. Season 16: 16.8 million
  2. Season 15: 14.1 million
  3. Season 14: 18.8 million
  4. Season 13: 19 million
  5. Season 12: 22.3 million
  6. Season 11: 21 million
  7. Season 10: 24.2 million

What did you think of last night's DWTS premiere?

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