Rosario Dawson knew that she would be asked to bare all before she agreed to star in Danny Boyle's upcoming thriller, Trance.

And, by the time that day on set rolled around, she was not intimidated by the prospect.

She admitted to E! News at the press junket for the film today in L.A. that, sure, she was a little taken aback in "obvious ways" by the prospect of getting naked in front of cast and crew. "But really, in," she said.

"I'd already long since made the decision to do it," said Dawson, who has done nude scenes in other films.

"When you read the script beforehand and you're what's required and you get why, you understand that this is a really key part to the puzzle," she explained about the moment in Trance where the entrancement really begins. "So, it can't be sacrificed. It's not going to be cut out later. So don't even audition for it if you're not willing to go there, it's not negotiable."

"I felt really comfortable on set that day because I knew what my mission was...and I felt excited to know that this is something a lot of people might, like, have a moment with [watching the film], but if they're paying attention, they're actually going to understand something very key."


Boyle agreed that the scene in question is no "just for the allure, the beauty of it—which you get anyway—but it's actually a crucial moment in the plot."

"It's actually a crucial moment in the plot," the Oscar winner told E! News. "The most intimate secret that there can be between two people. It's something that she reveals in order to deepen the trance that he's in."

For more from Rosario and Danny, tune in to E! News tonight at 7 p.m. and 11:30 pm.

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