Jessica Chastain

Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain posed with her own YSL perfume ad while in Paris and, being the gracious goddess that she is, shared the picture on Facebook.

Alternate headlines for this story:

1. Scientists in Top Labs Begin Study on Actress Jessica Chastain to Determine How She Is So Dang Adorable

2. Riot Breaks Out as Mob of Men and Women Alike Fight to Buy YSL Fragrance Manifesto, Source Says: "In Hopes of Becoming as Adorable as Jessica Chastain"

3. Could Your Jessica Chastain Be Too Adorable? More at 9

Alongside the picture, she wrote, "Ok here's pic of me geeking out on my YSL campaign. I was in Paris for fashion week and look what I stumbled upon! It was as tall as a building! It was super embarrassing but I had to jump out of my car and seize the moment. I mean, how many times does a girl get a billboard over the Seine River!?! It's so lovely and I wanted to share it with you all. Manifesto is now available in the U.S., it's such a gorgeous scent - jasmine is my favorite and it's the thread of the perfume. Hope you all enjoy xxjes"

Just for good measure and in case you needed a recap of this post, we'll say it once more: Jessica Chastain is adorable.

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