Spoiler alert! Our roundup of the night's most memorable TV moments will brief you on the biggest and best happenings from Sunday's shows—some of which you might not have seen yet.

So, look away now if you don't want to know! Otherwise, get ready to geek out along with us.

Girls: Though one of the girls was absent (Jessa continues to wear crop tops off-screen somewhere), the HBO hit's other three ladies had more than enough drama going on in the finale to keep us occupied. Marnie (Allison Williams) and Charlie (Christopher Abbott) are officially back together, but not because he has money now (suuuure, Marnie!), Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) and Ray (Alex Karpovsky) are dunzo and Hannah (Lena Dunham) is a mess. Like the kind of mess that decides to impulsively cut her hair after hearing she might be sued for not turning in her book to her editor. 

Thankfully Adam (Adam Driver) is more than willing to play knight in shining shirtlessness for his ex, running to her side after he realizes how bad she really is—and the episode ends with him holding her in his arms. But will Adam really be able to save Hannah from herself? We have our doubts, but if any two people were made for each other, it's these two weirdos. 

 Once Upon a TimeTV got a little more handsome Sunday night as Jamie Dornan returned as the fan-favorite Sheriff Graham in the ABC fantasy hit's flashback to Storybrooke when the curse was first enacted in 1983. Long live the Hot Hipster Sheriff, y'all! Via the flashbacks, we learned that Greg (Ethan Embry) was actually a kid named Owen, who had the unfortunate luck of camping in the area when the curse took over, leading a bored Regina (Lana Parrilla) to take his father away from him. "I'll never stop looking, Dad!" And he didn't. For 29 years. Talk about commitment!

Revenge: Emily's (Emily VanCamp) "FauxBro" Eli (Collins Pennie) is up to no good...and knows who Emily really is! After Em offers her foster brother $10,000 to leave the Hamptons, he accepts, only to donate it to the Graysons' new foundation in Amanda Clarke's name. Buuurn! Emily says he's "a wildcard" and we believe it; we're curious to see what he does next and how Emily will find her way out of this one. Also, does anyone else have a bad feeling that the Graysons are setting Aiden (Barry Sloane) up to be the next David Clarke aka frame the shiz out of him?!

Game Of Thrones: New season three trailer, holla! Take a peek at the goodness waiting for you on March 31. One word: dragons!

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