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Don't you just love the smell of finale season in the morning?!

In today's Spoiler Chat, we've got scoop on the highly anticipated season finales of New Girl, including a major update on Nick and Jess, Hart of Dixie and The Mindy Project, as well as a serious injury heading into The Walking Dead and Castle's final outings.

Plus, we've got scoop on the new seasons of Teen Wolf, Boardwalk Empire and more...

Tara: I'll take anything you've got on The Mindy Project!
Here are five things you can expect from Mindy Project's season finale: A long-awaited hookup, a review of sex had in a dream (could this be related to the first item?), a rom-com worthy gesture, a haircut and a reality-show pitch.

Sharon R.: Any spoilers on Walking Dead? Maybe a preview of Sunday's episode?
Ask, and ye shall receive. The Governor is on the warpath this week, and you'll never guess who ends up his prisoner by the end of the episode!

TeenWolfDaily: Anything on Teen Wolf?
"Danny is definitely, whether intentional or not, being brought more into everything going on," Keahu Kahuanui teases. "It does somewhat have to do with his involvement in his new relationship." Which would be with new Alpha Ethan, but is the relationship sincere? "It seems genuine," Keahu tells us.  

Sebastian: Need some spoilers on New Girl!
Jess and Nick will [spoiler redacted] before the end of season two. Huzzah!  But the return of Jess' father, played by Rob Reiner, will have a less than great impact on the fan-favorite pairing. Bonus scoop: The season finale will center on Winston's birthday/Cece's upcoming nuptials!

Castle, Stana Katic, Nathan Filion


Grycloudyskies: Will Castle or Beckett (or both) be seriously injured in this season finale?  
Our lips are sealed in regard to the finale (but we can tell you there's a bomb involved), but the ABC hit's 100th episode will pay homage to Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window when Castle breaks his leg (thanks to a skiing accident while on vacation with Beckett!) and witnesses a crime.

TeamZade: Wade and Zoe scoop, please.
Though Hart of Dixie fans, some of them anyway, were devastated when the duo split, their relationship isn't completely over with and the two will share at least one major moment by finale's end. Too bad she also shares a big moment with George and Jonah is still around in the finale. Some girls have all the luck, no?

John F.: Any scoop on the new season of Boardwalk Empire?
A new speakeasy owner Sally Wheet will be stirring things up in season four. Sally is tough and sexy, with a matter of fact attitude and will recur throughout the season.

Shania: 2 Broke Girls is my favorite comedy! Anything coming up that you can tease!
Crossover alert: Max and Caroline will soon be playing extras in an episode of (drumroll, please) Law & Order: SVU! Turns out, their diner is the perfect location for a murder scene. But look for jealousy to come between the BFFs when one is chosen to be fake-shot in the scene.

—Additional reporting by Tierney Bricker and Leslie Gornstein

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