Liberty Ross, Net-a-porter

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It's been a rough year for Liberty Ross, but the gorgeous model is the image of style and grace.

Need proof? The brunette beauty is absolutely breathtaking in the latest issue of Net-a-Porter's digital magazine, The Edit, where she shows off her soft and feminine side.

The 34-year-old mother of two recently filed for divorce from husband Rupert Sanders after his much-publicized affair with Kristen Stewart, but now the strong-willed star is opening up about her valiant return to the catwalk in the Alexander Wang show and her new outlook on life. 

"Alex [Wang] called and asked me to do it," she says of her surprise appearance at New York fashion week less than two months after the Snow White cheating scandal. "It was a defining moment and I felt honored to be supported by him during that difficult time."

In a rare and raw moment for the typically private Ross, she also alludes the pain she felt after learning her husband strayed with the film's lead star.

"I was not in a good way at that point in my life and felt incredibly vulnerable," she admits. "Doing the show was daunting, but it was wonderful to get up there, show my strength and shine for someone who believes in me. I was very grateful."

The stunning star also admits she plans to continue acting (she played Snow White's mother in her husband's flick) because it makes her feel "free and bizarrely at ease."

"In front of the camera, I can be somebody else," she confesses to The Edit

Ross also seems at ease with her personal life now that the world has shifted its focus from her family, and despite being deeply hurt by someone she loved, the model mother still has a remarkably carefree outlook. 

"Live, love, laugh," she says of her life motto.

Sounds good to us!

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