Laurie Holden, The Walking Dead

Gene Page/AMC

Ready for the big zombieland war? Just in case you've been living in the woods, surrounded by pet zombies on chains, an update: A fight is a-brewin' between the folks in Woodbury and Rick's group in a nearby prison. The Governor is out for blood—a lot of blood—but the question is, will he get it?

Here are some hints about what's coming up on Sunday:

Someone Goes on the Run! As the two sides gear up for war, one of the show's more controversial names decides to make a break through zombie-infested territory, a murderous pursuer close behind! Who will win? And how many walkers will come along as unwelcome escorts? (Hint: A lot.)

The Governor Is Doing Some, Um, Renovations: And we're not talking about a new kitchen island or a sunken dance floor.

A Zombie Science Lesson Is Coming: Just what does it take to kill a whole lot of walkers in one place? A lot more energy than you might think.

Woodbury Has a Ripple in Its Ranks: Not everyone in the Governor's fiefdom is excited for the upcoming scrum. The only question remaining: Will the dissenter (or dissenters) have any influence, and will it come in time?

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