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Parks and Recreation fans, we feel your pain!

After NBC announced some major scheduling changes (Go On moving to Thursdays; Smash moving to Saturdays), P-Rex die-hards are left to wonder: Will TV's best (little-watched) comedy survive? 

Especially since, as you'll see from tonight's episode, Parks and Recreation's storylines are all wrapping up in a way that seem to spell (gulp!) "series finale." Ben and Leslie are now happily married, Chris has worked out his neuroses, Andy got a real job, April is [Spoiler Alert!] talking medical school and Ann...Well, let's just say there's a nice surprise in tonight's episode that you won't want to miss. That, along with the fact that more people watched Duck Dynasty than Parks and Recreation's phenomenal, much-hyped wedding episode (only 3 million viewers...say whaaa?), has many fans understandably...concerned.

The good news? Inside sources close to the Peacock network tell us exclusively that Parks and Recreation is not currently considered to be on the chopping block for the 2013-14 season. Though the full lineup won't be announced til May, Parks and Rec is considered a "shoo-in" for another year, according to one well-placed insider, most notably because of its clout with critics and awards voters—not to mention The Office ending and Golden Globes host Amy Poehler's continual rise in popularity (despite what Taylor Swift might think).

Parks and Recreation hit an all-time series high in January after the Globes, then dipped way down for its Feb. 21 wedding episode, trailing behind Community's audience. Whitney, Community and Go On are currently slightly favored for renewal. And with Go On's move to Thursdays, NBC is hoping an even bigger audience will tune in to see the guest stars coming in the next few weeks—Courteney Cox reunites with Matthew Perry on March 26. NBC also has a slew of comedies in development for fall, talent like Krysten Ritter, Jane Seymour, Chyler Leigh and Harold Perrineau on board.

Still, despite all the Thursday-night competition, we are told Parks and Rec is expected to secure a space on NBC's Thursday lineup for fall. (Don't forget to watch tonight and every Thursday to make sure that happens!)

Also airing tonight, the kinda-sorta pilot for The Farm—The Office spinoff that didn't come to be—which will air as a regular episode of The Office. Leading man Rainn Wilson took to his Facebook page to forewarn fans, "You won't get the full effect of all the aspects of the pilot episode. About a 1/4 to 1/3 had to be trimmed and other scenes rearranged a bit...That being said, I hope you enjoy tonight's episode, oddly mutated and assembled as it is."

Are you hoping Parks and Recreation sticks around? Excited to see what could have been with The Farm? Hit the comments to make your voice heard!

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