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Editor's note: Season two American Idol finalist Kimberly Caldwell is guest blogging Idol again this week. Read on for her exclusive reactions to last night's top 10 performance show and behind-the-scenes insight!

Introducing the 2013 Top 10 competitors, all here to make their mark in history! What a huge night for everyone, right?! Wait...say what? Nicki Minaj is stuck in traffic?! Come on, girl!!! F' real? She must be on diva time! Immediately forgiven as soon as she opens her mouth, though. She's the good kind of crazy. 

With Nicki absent, Mr. Curtis Finch Jr. and his own personal choir took on Fantasia's winning number, "I Believe." He really does lay it all out there and you can' t deny his contagious smile, but he proved it's tough transitioning over to the main stage, especially when you are first. I think the nerves may have won this battle. "I Believe" he may be in trouble this week. 

Up next was Kellie Pickler...oops...I mean Janelle Arthur. This girl knows exactly how to hook an audience. She's a smart little Southern belle! From her look to her confidence, she stepped it up like an old pro. Personality plus!!! Fans are falling in love with her "hey y'all" thang she's got going on. 

Devin Velez is so diverse! Spanish, ballads and even country. I supported him stepping out of his comfort zone, but he fell into the forgettable zone. His voice is undeniable and he is one of the strongest boys, so I think he's going to survive, but he needs to show up next time back in full force. 

Holy black leather dress, Angie Miller! "I Surrender," girlfriend! You know you are doing something right when Nicki ain't got any bad news for ya! Boom! Side note: Is anybody getting Miley Cyrus circa 2009 from this girl?! It's a sincere compliment. 

Finally, Paul Jolley proves to all of us why he is a self-proclaimed country artist. He has a natural little twang that totally works for him. Loved Jimmy Iovine's tip about toning down the theatrics a bit. This calm, cool and collected guy is getting saucier week after week. Dark horse? 

No joke, my hands are sore because I was clapping like a turbo fan for Candice Glover! I gave that girl a standing ovation in my living room. Seriously, though, what the hell was that?! She was filming her own music video on that stage!!! She's sooooo "wow"! Pumped her family got to witness that live. 

Somehow Lazaro Arbos lost his sparkle this week. His confidence has been compromised, but I love this guy. I think he actually chose the wrong key, not the wrong song. It was waaaaay too low for him, and he seemed somewhere else this week. But no doubt he will be back. He has a mass following and the game has just begun. 

Yes, Kree Harrison! I waited the whole night for her, and she did not disappoint. Nicki compared her to yummy waffles, so for me, she's my hot peach cobbler—and I'll take seconds!

Awww, loved Burnell Taylor without his glasses. Dimples do it for me every time. I want to squish his cheeks so bad! Hopefully for his sake I won't run into him at the finale. He is consistent and brings it home every time he gets the mic. Top male competitor this season....period. 

Go Amber Holcomb with your bad self! I can't believe what a week did for this girl! A little red lipstick, leopard gown and a wind machine—whoa! One OK, two words...soooo safe! I never knew anybody could do Kelly Clarkson's winning song justice! #POW

So here's where I think things stand in the votes tonight: Being first up for Curtis may make him first up to say goodbye. I think this guy has a lot more to offer and the show will lose a twinkle without him, but when we end the night with jaw-dropping performances like Amber's, it's hard to keep that connection as an audience member. Actually, I predict all seats in the bottom three may be occupied by the boys this week.

My favorite performance of the evening was Candice. She gave us a polished professional performance that could rival this generation's Grammy winners. Keep doing what you do, lady! The race is on! This is how it's been done successfully for over a decade. Only nine will move on to becoming the next American Idol. Bet you heard Seacrest's voice when you read that! 

Without Regret, Kimberly Caldwell's debut album on Capitol Records, is available now. You can follow her on Twitter @_kimcaldwell.


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