Someone give Justin Timberlake a hand. Or hands, for that matter.

For a guy famous for being a pop star, the "Suit & Tie" singer is certainly making a name for himself as a comedian (see last week's SNL appearance for starters) as he joined forces with fellow funnyman Steve Carell Wednesday for a hilariously bizarre sketch on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

The two appeared in a fake Canadian soap opera called Jacob's Patience, in which Jimmy Fallon played "Customer #12" and pays a visit to a store called Parvis & Lumberpond owned by Carell, who, according to the Late Night host, "insisted" on his character using mannequin arms and wearing two suits.

Enter Timberlake, who appeared in the role of his partner, Lumberpond, a "suit and tie expert," who helps Jimmy pick out something suave with his own set of dummy arms.

Carell shows him some elegant suits, the names of which are humorous shout-outs to Timberlake's old bandmates in 'N Sync, Joey Fatone and Lance Bass.

"Over there we have Joseph Fat-o-nes. Quite special. And over here is a Lance Bass," said Carell.

"It looks like a nice suit," replied Fallon.

"It's been in the closet for years," deadpanned Carell. "I finally decided to take it out."

The bit also included Timberlake and Carell and their mannequin hands pushing some fabric into Fallon's mouth, measuring his inseam (and crotch), pouring water down his throat and giving themselves a three-way high-five.

The show concluded strangely enough with a cameo by Michael McDonald singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" with Timberlake and Fallon, both of whom dressed up like the Doobie Brothers frontman, sporting his signature white hair, goatee and glasses.

Justin is appearing on Late Night all week as the musical guest to promote his first album in nearly seven years, The 20/20 Experience, which drops next Tuesday.

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