Jillian Michaels

Courtesy of Don Flood

Spring is just around the corner, which means bikini season isn't far behind. But if you'd rather shed pounds than clothes, you're in luck, because we tapped the Biggest Loser's Jillian Michaels for tips on getting into shape—and getting into that tiny two-piece in your closet!

But if you already have a few excuses floating through your head, you might as well save ‘em, because Michaels' advice doesn't require a swanky gym membership or even pricey equipment! She doles out even more handy tips for trimming down in her upcoming Maximize Your Life tour, which kicks off on April 4, but we have three quick and easy tips from Michaels that you can try out right now!

Here's what the fitness guru had to say: 

1. Become a Trailblazer: The great outdoors offer just as good a workout as any gym. "First thing I would say is check out Trails.com," the fitness expert recently told us. "It'll give you great running, biking and jogging trails and then, of course, you can do all of those things." Trails at the click of a mouse? How convenient is that?

2. Hit the Playground: Playgrounds aren't just for whipping video-game addicted kids into shape. "Go to even a kids' playground and you can run sprint trails and suicides and you can do pull-ups on the jungle gym." 

3. Take a Dive: If you like a little variety in your fitness regimen, you can get creative and take your workout off dry land. "Get outside and go kayaking, paddle boarding or take surfing lessons if there is a body of water in your immediate vicinity," Michaels offered. Not only will a change-up work new muscles, but it will prevent you from getting into a rut and (gasp!) possibly ditching your routine altogether. 

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