Rihanna Dons Charity T-Shirt and Not Much Else as More Nearly Naked Photos of Singer Get Posted

Another day, another round of revealing shots of the Grammy winner

By Peter Gicas Mar 12, 2013 5:32 PMTags
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Something tells us Rihanna's mom isn't going to be too happy about this.

In the wake of the Grammy winner admitting that her mother was less than thrilled about nearly naked photos of the singer being tweeted out, along come a few more revealing shots.

Sure, the picture seen here of Rihanna wearing a T-shirt designed by Stella McCartney in support of the Red Nose Day campaign for Comic Relief is for a worthy cause.


Of course, RiRi's also not wearing much else.

And the same can be said about a couple of pictures posted by her friend, Melissa Forde. Although in this case, she is wearing bottoms. Um, just not a top.


After all, it was Forde's photos that initially got Rihanna in hot water with mom in the first place.


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