Darva Gets "Multi-Millionaire" Annulment

Judge dissolves made-for-TV marriage after bride testifies in court

By Emily Farache Apr 05, 2000 8:25 PMTags
Like the TV show that spawned it, the insta-marriage between Darva Conger and Rick Rockwell has been put on terminal hiatus.

A judge in Las Vegas today annulled the infamous Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire? union after Conger testified she was shocked--shocked!--to learn there was something fishy about the perfect stranger she married on national TV.

Conger, 34, was the "winner" on the Fox show, selected by Rockwell, 42, from a pool of 50 wannabe brides, and she married the alleged multimillionaire in front of a TV audience of 22 million on February 15. Three weeks later, on March 7, she filed for the annulment, saying the marriage to Rockwell was a mistake and that she was never told about the groom's "history of problems with women."

The judge could have granted her a quickie annulment based on that court filing, but he decided to hold a hearing today because Conger entered into a "very legal wedding ceremony."

Appearing solo before the judge (Rockwell was inexplicably AWOL), Conger said her hubby "was not honest and did not [mention] those restraining orders" when they swapped vows.

Shortly after Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire? aired, it was revealed that Rockwell's former fiancée obtained a restraining order against him in 1991 for allegedly hitting and threatening her. Rockwell denied the allegations

Despite the smash ratings of the broadcast, Fox canceled a rebroadcast of the show and promised it wouldn't do a sequel after the allegations surfaced.

Conger and Rockwell both signed an agreement before the show that stated they could annul the marriage.

Outside court Conger told reporters she never wanted to talk to Rick What's-His-Name again. "I have to learn from this and move on," she said. When a reporter asked if she planned to marry again, Conger asked, "Is that a proposal?"