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What do The Vampire Diaries, Grey's Anatomy and New Girl all have in common?

We're offering up some serious scoop on all of them in today's Spoiler Chat! Not only do we have details on Elena's new outlook on TVD and a new love interest coming to New Girl soon, we've also got spoilers on The Following and Sherlock! Plus, we've got scoop on a beloved series' road to the big screen, Nashville and more.

Ricky: I know White Collar just ended but do you have any scoop on what's next?
Only that we won't have long to find out. Willie Garson tells us that the cast will be back to shoot season five in less than a month! Check back in April and we'll have all the spoilers for you.

Katie: So excited that The Vampire Diaries is coming back this week. Got any scoop on what we can expect from Elena now that she's flipped the switch?
Well, we can tell you that Ian Somerhalder is definitely enjoying the new Elena. "Now she's a badass and she can crack jokes," he says of Elena with her humanity turned off. "Every time she walks out of the house we're not biting our nails thinking someone is going to come kill her. She can fight for herself."

Bunny: I'll take anything on Grey's!
Grey's Anatomy is looking for someone to play a big time, powerful lead investigator, who will appear near the end of the season. Those are the only details we have, except we hear that they are looking for a big name to play the part. Whyt would a detective be at Seattle Grace? Lots of reasons, and not a lot of them are positive ones. We all know when it comes to finale time, Shonda Rhimes does not play around.

Tanja: New Girl news, and make it about my main man Schmidt!
Schmidt is your man? Get it line, sister. Turns out, we all have to get in line because Jake Johnson just told us that Schmidt will be getting a new love interest very soon. Which means not Cece. Wahh wahh.  Bonus scoop: We will see fat Schmidt again before the season is over!

Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Sherlock


Manny: Since Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are doing big movies, does that mean Sherlock's third season is a no-go?
Hardly! In fact, they are gearing up for the third season right now, and the evidence is in this adorable photo that BBC One's Twitter account posted with the caption: "#Sherlock read-through over, plenty of surprises in store for series three!" It's real, it's happening, and we could not be more excited!

Donna: I've been hearing there might be a death on The Following? Any scoop to share?
Oh, this must be your first Kevin Williamson show! "It's crazy right now and I would never want to spoil anything! All I can say is what I've said from the beginning: This is a Kevin Williamson show and you know you can never get too attached to anybody, and you can never get too comfortable," Valorie Curry teases when asked if viewers can expect a big death by season's end. "It's always the least expected thing that ends up happening. He's going to take us through a lot of turns as we escalate toward the finale."

Georgia: I need Nashville scoop STAT! How about what's going to happen with my favorite character Juliette?
"There are going to be some new characters coming in that are going to throw a twist on things" Hayden Panettiere teases. "As for Deacon and Juliette's complicated relationship? Panettiere says to expect a whole lot of ups and downs. Buckle up, kids!

Silas: Do you have any updates on the Entourage movie? I miss the boys.
Slowly but surely, the movie version is chugging along the pipeline. "The script's [written]," Kevin Dillon tells us. "We're not shooting. We're negotiating. That's where we're at. It'll be a lot of fun if we can make it happen." Well then make it happen!

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker and Marc Malkin

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