Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber apparently decided to make the most of his weekend off.

After his final show in London Friday and before touching down in Portugal, where he was originally scheduled to perform two shows but instead will only be going onstage tonight, the teen and his entourage spent time in Amsterdam.

Yes, Amsterdam. 

Bieber was spotted in the Dutch capital at a famed music venue called De Melkweg (that's the Milky Way in English) and visiting the Chipsy King for...well, chips, of course! An intrepid fan also shot video of the Biebs at a coffee shop. 

Which, in Amsterdam, sells more than coffee and tea.

"I got a call from my dad, his employee called him saying Justin Bieber was in our shop and had fries," Chipsy King marketing manager Amir Beaucaire exclusively told E! News. "He was with a couple of security guys."

"People love them," Beaucaire said of the shop's fresh, Belgian-cut chips, but Bieber "is definitely the most famous person we have ever had to come to our store."

A shop employee says that Bieber got two orders of fries with no dipping sauces—and, when asked if he wanted sauce, said, "That's enough." 

"Justin seemed to be amused or comforted by the fact that the employee didn't know him at first and wasn't jumping all over him and treated him like a regular customer," Beaucaire told us. "The employee thought he had beautiful eyes and he knew he recognized him from somewhere, but he didn't know until a Dutch film crew told him that was Justin Bieber."

Rodney Rijsdijk, another employee at the club, also shared some info about Bieber's visit with E! News.

"He wanted to party at our weekly hip hop party Encore," Rijsdijk said. "He demanded star treatment, such things as his own table on stage, next to the DJ. We refused. Those kind of treatments are not custom in Holland. He was totally perplexed and told his people to leave the venue."

The sojourn in Amsterdam came after what could only be described as a rough week for Bieber, who collapsed during his third of four shows at London's O2 Arena on Thursday night after suffering shortness of breath and then exchanged verbal blows with a paparazzo outside his hotel the following morning. (And all that was after Olivia Wilde's dressing-down and the "worst birthday" party.)

Who couldn't use a coffeehouse run—or at least some fries—after that?

—Reporting by Sharareh Drury and Senta Scarborough

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