Nina Dobrev may need to watch her back, because Ian Somerhalder has a new girl in his life.

"That's my new love and she is a sweetie pie with beautiful eyes, I might add," Somerhalder told me at the Warner Bros. Tell-A-Vision space at SXSW in Austin.

We're just kidding, Nina—your boyfriend is talking about Grumpy Cat, the feline internet phenomenon famous because of her, well, grumpy face.

Tardar Sauce (that's the 11-month-old mixed-breed kitty's real name) became a viral sensation after her owner's brother posted photos and videos of her on the web. Her first public appearance was at the Mashable House at SXSW.

"I just had a photo taken of me with Grumpy Cat," Somerhalder boasted.

The Vampire Diaries hottie was shocked by what a popular attraction she was. "There was a line of people lined up around the block to take pictures of this cat and she was just chilling," he said. "I don't know if she was drunk or maybe they gave her some ketamine or something but she was, she was very peaced out."

Not to worry. Grumpy Cat's owner assures us on her website (yup, Grumps' has her own website!) that she is perfectly healthy and not under the influence.

"She's sweet as pumpkin pie," Somerhalder said.

He then made a final plea to win her over. "Grumpy Cat, I miss you," he cooed. "Come back home to daddy."

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