KKTM 508

This week's episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami starts with a horrifying blood facial (yes, that's a thing) for Kim Kardashian, but it's Scott Disick who ends up with the long-term injuries. Maybe it was Scott's lack of depth perception that caused him to be so insensitive to Kourtney Kardashian too? We know that nothing could keep Scott and Kourtney down for long, but ribbing Kourt about her post-baby weight probably isn't the best idea, Scott.


Kim Can Bust Crime: We know that Kim has always had an interest in detective work (after all, she's done some spying with Kris Jenner before), but this week she got to make her dream a reality. When Larsa's friend Jake, a private investigator, comes to town to work on a pro bono kidnapping case, Kim signs up. Thanks to Kim's social networking skills, they locate the missing girl's boyfriend and help point local law enforcement in the right direction.

Careful, Scott: Kourtney is a bit concerned about her post-baby weight, but it isn't bothering her too badly...that is, until Scott starts chiming in about how 93 pounds would be "the dream" weight for her. Scott thinks he's just kidding around, but Kourtney takes it more seriously. Luckily, these two are good at making up at this point!

All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets an Eye Patch: When Scott goes to the beach with Kourtney and Mason, he gets a bit of sand in his eye. That leads to a scratched cornea, which means he has to wear an ugly patch over his eye for days! Kourtney, hating to see Lord Disick lose his confidence, gets Scott a fancy new eye patch with an "LD" monogram. The lord is back!

Kim doing fine and resting after pregnancy scare, thanks fans for support


"If I wasn't doing what I'm doing now, I would totally be a crime scene investigator."—Kim

"Pop a U-turn and get us out of here."—Larsa

"I'm about to have to say goodbye to one of my eyeballs, can we go?"—Scott

"You've got a beautiful kneecap"—Scott

Catch another episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami next Sunday at 9/8c, only on E!

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