American Idol, Top Ten

Michael Becker/FOX

By now, you've heard all about Justin Bieber's collapse yesterday evening during his London concert.

But last night, the American Idol judges were just getting the news about the pop star, and so concert veteran Keith Urban offered up a lighthearted theory.

"He has a crush on himself," Urban said during the Idol Top 10 party. "He does have Bieber fever."

While that's an interesting diagnosis, it was our pal Ryan Seacrest who came up with the most likely scenario.

"It sounds like he was just exhausted and he wanted to get back out there, I think, and finish for his fans," the Idol host said. "He's got an incredible schedule. He's a young guy. It's a lot of have on one's plate at that age."

But last night wasn't just about Bieber's collapse (although on Twitter you'd think it was the only thing happening on earth). It was also when we found out American Idol's season 12 top 10.

"I think it's one of the best top 10 we've ever had because it's so different and so eclectic and there's so many different flavors and styles," Randy Jackson said. "And we've got some big voices in the girls and the guys and I think if a girl had a shot in the last three, four, five years…it's now."

You heard it from Jackson himself: a girl could take the crown (finally) this season.

To hear more from the Idol crew, including how Mariah Carey feels about the top 10, watch our exclusive interviews below!

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