Miley Cyrus


Another mystery solved in the life of Miley Cyrus.

And no, it's not the secret surrounding her noticeably absent engagement ring.

The singer made waves today when she was snapped without her diamond bauble for the second time in two days, but this time, she was also photographed with a male companion. 

E! News has identified Miley's pal as Paul Khoury, a friend of both the former Disney star and her fiancé (check out a pic of Paul, Miley and Liam from a Palm Springs trip back in September).

Although Miley and her pal are apparently just friends, rumors of a broken engagement between the 20-year-old star and her Hunger Games hunk have served as tabloid fodder as of late, with many reports suggesting the twosome have called it quits.

Miley took to Twitter Wednesday to slam the rumors, insisting she did not "call off" her wedding and claiming she was "taking a break from social media."

That break didn't last long, as she tweeted a cryptic Jeff Buckley quote just two days after her promise around the same time two provacative videos featuring the pop star were posted online. 

Do you think Miley and her man are headed for splitsville? Tell us in the comments!

—Reporting by Baker Machado

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