Justin TImberlake, Kenan


Apparently, if you're name is Justin and you're hosting Saturday Night Live, people are going to brave the snow-covered sidewalks of New York for stand-by tickets to see you.

That was the case last month for Justin Bieber during the blizzard that was Nemo, and so it went for Justin Timberlake during winter storm Saturn Thursday.

A veritable tent city popped up outside of 30 Rockefeller Center as fans of the "Suit & Tie" singer waited on line through the fierce snowstorm hoping to get a chance to see Timberlake be the host and musical guest of SNL this weekend.

Huddled together en masse, the first folks began camping out on Wednesday, bringing tents to shelter them from the cold wintery clime. More eventually followed, and the line soon stretched around the block. Many held mugs of coffee and hot chocolate to stay warm.

"I'd sleep better if we had a tent," one female fan quipped to E! News.

"I loved him since I was 3 years old," said another woman who's in college. "I always said once he announced he was hosting, I would miss a week of class to camp out."

Now that's dedication.

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