What do you do when an Oscar-nominated song performance has the TV censors chewing their fingernails?

Give it to Robin Williams--and pray he doesn't decide to improvise.

Academy Awards producers say the manic funnyman (and TelePrompTer arch-nemesis) has been chosen to sing Sunday night's version of profanity-laced Best Song nominee, "Blame Canada," from the censor-mocking, Canada-bashing comedy, South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut.

The decision ends some lingering speculation about how this raucous little tune will turn out for millions of viewers on Sunday night's Oscar telecast on ABC. But it still doesn't resolve whether Williams also will be belting out ripe "Blame Canada" song lyrics featuring the words "fuck," "fart" and "that bitch Anne Murray," without some well-rehearsed bleeping from the network censors.

Song collaborators Trey Parker and Marc Shaiman initially opposed any attempts to creatively change the lyrics (à la Ed Sullivan). Academy reps say their solution will remain a surprise for Sunday night.

What we do know is that Williams already has the pipes for 'toon musicals--even clean ones. As the genie in Disney's 1992 hit Aladdin, he belted out the dizzying number, "Friend Like Me," and took home special awards from the National Board of Review and Golden Globes for his voice work in the film. A publicist for the comic actor says Williams has been rehearsing "Blame Canada," but exactly how he will sing it remains under wraps.

"Blame Canada," of course, remains one of the tamer selections from the South Park soundtrack. After all, the mildly successful, but critically lauded, flick was deemed the most raunchy film ever--logging 399 bad words and 128 crude gestures in just 80 minutes.

And while the Academy hasn't provided specifics, Williams will need to put his Mrs. Doubtfire skills to work. The song is led by four mothers of the round, potty-mouthed South Park stars: Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny.

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