First it seemed like Kate Middleton had revealed she was having a girl. Then some doubt started to creep in.

Now, finally, comes what appears to be proof that the royal mum-to-be did not, in fact, have a slip of the tongue during her visit to Grimsby, England, on Tuesday.

In this video obtained by the Grimsby Telegraph, one can hear the Duchess of Cambridge, upon accepting a teddy bear from a local woman, say, "Oh, is this for us? Thank you very much. That is very sweet of you."

Of course, this obviously refutes what Sandra Cook, who was standing next to Middleton in the crowd at the time of the gift giving, said when she claimed to have overheard Prince William's other half say, "Thank you, I'll take that for my d..." before allegedly cutting herself off.

Speculation quickly ensued that Middleton was about to utter the word "daughter" and thus had essentially revealed the sex of the royal baby.

Lisa Hewson, who shot the footage, told the Grimsby Telegraph why she wanted to share the clip.

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"Kate does such a good job and people are always picking and pulling her apart," Hewson said. "If you know something isn't true and it is causing trouble, you have to do the right thing, and, hopefully, that is what I am doing here."

She added, "I am sure the lady genuinely thought she heard what she said she did, and I don't want to make her look bad. All I am saying is this is my video; if you want to listen to it, here it is. She might look at it and think 'Oh my god, I've got it wrong.'"

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