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Happy Friday, everybody! Let's celebrate with some scoop, shall we?

In today's Spoiler Chat, we've got the good on a new [spoiler redacted] coming to Supernatural, who will make mythology geeks very happy, and details on The Following's fan favorite trio's future now that they've been separated. Plus, we've got spoilers on New Girl's upcoming flashbacks, Revenge, Parks and Recreation and more!

Lauren: You guys have been lacking on the Nikita scoop lately! Give up the goods!
Say goodbye to Division! Yep, the President has hired a Navy SEAL team to disband Division, but things get complicated when a certain black box ends up in the wrong hands.

Lily: What are Jacob and Paul up to on The Following? I miss them!
"Jacob and Paul are on their own," Valorie Curry tells us. "I can't really go into what's happening with them right now, but they were in a literal life and death situation when we last saw them. It's going to be high stakes when we do pick up with them." As for what's next for Emma now she ditched the two boys, Curry says, "I was bummed, obviously Emma was devastated when they separated, but she kind of has a new path to embark on now, and a new world to integrate. We will see how that goes for her."

Maddy in San Diego: I want spoilers on New Girl…danke!
Bitte sehr! Have you ever watched Jess and the boys on New Girl and thought to yourself: "I wonder what it was like when their characters lost their virginities?" You have done that? Weirdo. But at least you'll get what you wish for. A future episode of New Girl will flashback to when Jess, Nick and the rest gave up their flowers for the first time. And it will be just as awesome, if not more, than you imagine.

Haley: Supernatural?
Prepare to meet a new angel: Metatron! The CW hit is currently casting the role of the aged, hunched angel, who is the Scribe of God. While he's a bit of a scatterbrain, he knows how to get the job done. Think Obi-Wan Kenobi meets The Usual Suspect's Virgil Kent. Fans can expect Metatron to stick around for at least three episodes and potentially next season as well!

Parks and Recreation, Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones

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Toni R.: Any more hints on the Parks and Rec character leaving the department and/or the show?
We've already told you that in this situation, the person in question is not Ron Swanson. America can rejoice. In next week's episode, someone will make it known (to one other person) that they want to leave the Parks department for a different gig. Not saying if this is the same character we are talking about in our blind item, though. We know, we're being vague and mean. Enjoy it.

Lauren: Revenge it up!
Is that young people speak for "give me Revenge spoilers?" If so, here it is! Henry Czerny tells us that for those fans who want Conrad and Victoria together and happy (do those fans exist?), they should know that he thinks Conrad would "go through the gauntlet" to get to a happy ending with Victoria. "There is hope," he tells us. "But there is juicy stuff coming up that we have to get through before they can think about being together."

Tynan in Los Angeles: Will we or will we not see the baby being born on The New Normal before the season ends?
Affirmative! Andrew Rannells tells us that they are filming the big season finale right now. "Without spoiling anything, there's a baby," he says. "Our surrogate gives birth. It's emotional to wrap up the season and I think we're visiting the places that we began with the show, and it does fell really emotional." So babies and tears in the finale. Got it.

Lea: Since Ben McKenzie has been cast in a CBS pilot, is there any chance that Southland would kill off his character? That would be a huge bummer.
Anything is possible in TV land, we always say. We also always say to drink eight glasses of water a day. But if you want a clue on the future of Ben on Southland, we will offer up this bit of scoop that may or may not have to do with his character: In a future episode, John and the gang will be investigating a case that they are very emotionally attached too and care deeply about. Hopefully it's not the case of a missing or dead Ben Sherman.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins and Tierney Bricker

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