Fifteen meaningless years have passed since The Parent Trap premiered, and while Lindsay's downfall remains the center of media attention, her twin sister and former co-star, PAIGE LOHAN, chose at a young age to move away from the spotlight in search of a more mindful existence.

Unlike Lindsay, Paige traded a life of potential court dates and soft core porn just to help her ailing grandmother. And with support early on from her adoptive parents, Bill and Melinda Gates, Paige actually applied the lessons she learned at Camp Walden--like making macramé mosquito nets to protect against Malaria, and building large-scaled dioramas for the homeless!

Sometimes Paige budgets TOO much, thanks to her hard-earned B.A. in Finance Management.

Paige Graduation

Here's Paige on her only weekend off, after hand-drilling a well in Zimbabwe.

Paige Lohan

In her spare time, Paige volunteers for D.A.R.E. America, and teaches underprivileged children how to drive. She also serves as Senior Counselor at Camp Walden, where she's saved three kids and a handicapped otter from drowning. Unlike her sister, Paige thinks diamonds are gaudy and tasteless. She also ages naturally!

Most recently, Paige took a break from teaching Core Fusion Barre to the elderly, just so she could build the Large Hadron Collider!

Lindsay Hadron

(We're still waiting on confirmation that this was Paige and not Lindsay, since all day in the laboratory she used a British accent.)

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