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It's Spoiler Chat time!

In today's installment, we've got scoop on Glee's new living situation, the season four premiere of Pretty Little Liars and what's ahead for Nick and Jess on New Girl. Oh, and we've got Teen Wolf romance scoop and a juicy True Blood tease, too!

Plus, we've got spoilers on The Mindy Project, Dallas and more!

Carly: I'm waiting patiently for the next new Scandal at the end of March, so can you give me any scoop?
Oh, you thought Fitz's health issues were over? Silly, silly Scandal fan!

Helena: Glee Glee Glee!
You want Episodes scoop? Kidding. Forget about Quinntana or Brittana or Fabrerry or whatever couple you ship, because when Glee returns, it's going to be all about Rachel-Kurt-Santana! We will leave it up to you guys to pick their couple name. Basically, you will fall in love with them as roommates, even though Santana does something quite naughty. Bonus scoop: Guess who has a brilliant casting idea? "I've been pitching Harry Connick Jr. as my dad for a while now," Kevin McHale tells us. Ryan Murphy, make it so!

Nellie: You guys give the best Mindy Project spoilers. What's coming up?
Flattery gets you everywhere. We probably look really skinny today, too, right? Anyway, guess who's coming back into Mindy's life? Tom (Bill Hader), aka the man whose wedding caused her to have a meltdown in the pilot. He'll pop back up near the end of the season when Mindy runs into him at a frat party (don't ask, you'll just have to see the episode), and now it's his life that's a mess. Will Mindy want to pick up the pieces? We'll just say there is definitely a tender moment between them during the party.

Sabrina in Vancouver: True Blood spoilers? Specifically about Sookie's love life!
Well, we just talked to Joe Manganiello who offered up this tease that might crush Alcide-Sookie fans: "Alcide is the pack master so there are more dating options," he tells us coyly. Alcide, the werewolf playboy?!

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Tamara S.: Same old question: New Girl Nick and Jess scoop?
You know how in The Notebook Allie really fell in love with Noah when they danced in the street? Well, replace Noah and Allie with Nick and Jess and replace that South Carolina street with a street in Hollywood and you've got a really romantic New Girl moment coming up! Let's hope the dance is followed by a kiss in the rain, eh?

Jean: I'll take anything on Teen Wolf's Stiles!
Stiles will kiss someone in the first half of the season. Two hints: It's a girl (Sorry, Sterek fans!) and it's not Lydia, who will be attracting the attention of an Alpha.

Lauren D.: Toby can't really be dead on Pretty Little Liars, right?!
Well, we do meet his mother in the season four premiere, but she's in her pajamas, which is a weird detail, no? Also not a good sign: A reporter will also be in the episode, detailing a sad story, as well as a State cop who is part of an investigation. Ruh-roh!

Trent: Dallas spoilers if ya got them. Need something juicy after J.R.'s death episode.
Someone is going under the knife! We can't reveal if it's for cosmetic purposes or to fix something that is damaged, but a character will be visiting a plastic surgeon in episode 14, and possibly more after that. Any guesses as to who will be getting some work done?

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins and Tierney Bricker

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