Leonardo DiCaprio's Jack Nicholson Impression Is a Must-See

Django Unchained's leading man imitates the Oscar winner during Japanese interview

By John Boone Mar 06, 2013 7:55 PMTags

We may have found the role that could (finally) win Leonardo DiCaprio that elusive Oscar: Playing Jack Nicholson!

While in Japan promoting Django Unchained, the actor was asked if he does any impressions and Leo busted out this uncanny impersonation of Nicholson. Or Nicholson's eyebrows, at least.

(And Hollywood, you can cast Jennifer Lawrence as that "old girlfriend" of Jack's. Can you imagine the amount of tabloid stories that would speculate on whether or not the two hooked up on set?! You're welcome.)

Other tidbits of interest: After Leonardo discussed cutting his hand during an intense Django scene, he nonchalantly stated, "It's a pretty cool story to tell my kids someday." Aw, baby Leos!

The interviewer followed that up by asking what type of women Leo is attracted to, to which he replied, "Ones with really great personalities. They have to be very clever and have a great sense of humor. Sense of humor the most."

Little known fact: Those are the two main requirements to becoming a Victoria's Secret model, too.