Stop sending pink presents to the palace. We're not entirely convinced Kate Middleton hinted that she was having a girl during Tuesday's visit to the seaport of Grimsby.

As first reported by the Telegraph, the pregnant Duchess received a teddy bear from a local woman and said, "Thank you, I'll take that for my d…" The royal then reportedly said she and Prince William "don't know" the gender of their baby. On Wednesday, ABC News released video of the abundantly discussed interaction.

In the clip, Kate graciously meets and chats with some elderly people who have come to see her. When a gentleman stands up to greet her, she sweetly says, "Oh please, don't stand up!" Then, the audio gets fuzzy and you can't really discern exactly what Kate is saying. But the excited gift-giver quickly asks, "Did you say my daughter?"

Kate seems confused at first, and then once she understands what the woman thinks she heard, she tries to clarify. ", no, no, no. I'm sure [I didn't say 'my daughter'], I'm sure," she says. "We don't know!"

Based on this alone, we're not quite sure whether to be gearing up for little princess or little prince. Watch for yourself and see what you think!

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